About us

Ukiyo is a new indie video games studio, born in in south of France, made up of industry veterans with over 180 years of cumulative XP :-).

We have the ambition to create original video games, on PC and consoles, combining innovative gameplay and modern aesthetics, conveying various values, particularly around cultural and environmental issues.

Values transmitted by the games produced, but also within the studio advocating eco-production, diversity and inclusion, in a fully dematerialized work environment.

Our project

Our first project, Transhumance is a contemplative and poetic game, a “walking simulator” in which you have to lead a flock of sheep on transhumance, those periodic migrations between winter pastures on the plains and summer pastures in the mountains, the estive. The routes followed will be entirely imaginary, although inspired by those followed by shepherds in the south of France…

To guide the flock, the player has one or more dogs of various breeds, which can evolve and improve. The more experienced the dogs, the easier it will be to lead the herd! This is where the main gameplay element lies: effectively controlling the dogs to guide the flock to its destination!

More to discover on www.transhumance.site

Our Team

Thierry Platon

Creative Director

Video game pionner since 1984 (Atari), he published his first “big” independent game, Ranx (Ubisoft) in 1988.
In 2004, he set up his own studio, BiP media, with a dozen original titles (My Farm, Tiny Token Empires, Judge Dee, etc.) Then, in 2013, he founded a second studio, Gloomywood, and published 2Dark, an already mythical survival horror.
And finally, in 2023, he created Ukiyo studio!

Marc Descourtis

Technical Director

Marc began his career in video games in 2001 at Quantic Dream (Fahrenheit). He then moved on to T-Bot Interactive (Runemaster), Eko Software, Spiders, SloClap (Absolver) and EvilEmpire (DeadCells). From 2021 to 2023, he then worked on game engines and ports for Pastagames and Wild Sheep Studio. With more than twenty years’ experience in game programming, Marc is the solid technical asset to the team! 

Herve Masseron

Artistic Director

Starting as a graphics designer until 1992, then as a storyboarder for animation (Marsupilami, Totaly Spies, etc.) and video games (Rayman, Asterix, King Kong, Spyro, etc.), Hervé gradually moved into cinematics and art direction (ZombiU, Projet Z, John Carter, etc.). He went on to become Narrative Director of “Soldats Inconnus : Mémoires de la Grande Guerre” (Ubisoft). Finally, from 2016 to 2021, Hervé was Creative Director of Moonycat Entertainment.

Samuel Safa

Music composer

Samuel Safa is a multi-award-winning composer for film, video games and live performance. He has composed music for numerous films, including “Smile of April” directed by Sabrina Karine, “Soudain ses mains” directed by Emmanuel Gras and “El Conquistador” directed by Mathilde Bayle.
Finally, he has composed the music for all Thierry’s games (Tiny Token Empires, 2Dark, etc.) since 2004, making it an already long collaboration… For which he received, among others, a Jerry Goldsmith Award!

And also: Charlie Herve (Concept), Thomas Garrigues (3D Artist), Francis Courchinoux (Environment Artist), Magdalena Wydrzynska (Animator), Romain Raynal (Sound Designer), Francesca Attindehou (Programmer), Oceane Le Guerson (3D Artist)…